Pure oats, pure enjoyment

Oat protein does not contain the type of gluten found in wheat, rye or barley because it comes from a different family of cereals. In order for oat products to remain gluten-free, it's important to make sure that they don't come into contact with any cereals containing gluten at any stage.

Purity guarantees gluten-free

Provena's pure oats are oats which are grown, processed and packed entirely separately from cereals containing gluten. The strictly controlled production line ensures that the Provena products are gluten-free and safe for coeliacs. Pure oats contain all the good benefits of oats: they are tasty, nutritious and healthy.

Beneficial qualities of oats

The health benefits of oats are based largely on its soluble fibre, betaglucane, which has been proven to have several positive health effects. According to research, the betaglucane in oats lowers the amount of cholesterol in the blood and is therefore part of a heart-friendly diet. The fibre in oats are good for your stomach and intestinal tract.

The fibres in oats are proven to balance out daily energy spikes. A level blood sugar maintains normal metabolism, alertness and endurance. A lack of ability to concentrate or afternoon tiredness could be caused by a drop in blood sugar. In addition oats keep hunger at bay and fill your stomach. When you're satisfied, it's easier to think what and how much you eat, which means it's easier to control your waistline.


Provena's pure oats are produced with a unique process

Provena's pure oats are grown using only genetically pure oat seeds on contract farms. The purity of cultivation is ensured through farm audits carried out during the growing season. Other cereal plants are removed from the oat fields and no other cereals may be handled at the farm.

The purity of Provena products is ensured throughout the entire production chain even up to the rolling stock used for transportation. The oat grains are stored in a separate silo meant only for that purpose. All Provena products are produced at a plant that does not process any other grains. Moreover, the purity of raw materials and products is ensured through analyses.