Provena Gluten-free Jumbo Oats

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Gluten-free oatmeal porridges and baking. 100% gluten-free oats. Including oats in their own fiber, beta-glucan, which helps control blood cholesterol levels.

Gluten-free, Rich in fiber, FODMAP


Wholegrain OATS

Nutritional content (100 g)

Energy kJ1560 kJ
Energy kcal370 kcal
Fat8 g
  of which saturates1,6 g
Carbohydrates55 g
  of which sugars1,2 g
Fibre11 g
Protein14 g
Salt0 g
Vitamin B10,4 mg 36 % **
Magnesium131 mg 35 % **
Iron5,1 mg 36 % **
Zinc3,2 mg 32 % **

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